Our Mission

We are a God centered business and at New Heights Wellness Center, LLC we believe that everyone was created with a body, a mind, and a spirit. Ours is a holistic approach to balance the whole person with a value on prevention over treatment , fostering healthier habits and lifestyle choices, inspiring and empowering you to take control of your own health and well being.

Our Approach

At New Heights Wellness Center we understand that so many people are searching for a holistic approach to health and wellness.  We believe that in order to achieve wellness you must balance the three components of which we were created: Body, Mind & Spirit.

But what is body, mind and spirit?

We know that we are all created with each of these and we cannot exist without all three. They are truly so connected one cannot exist without the other. But do we ever stop to think about what these words really mean and their profound impact on our lives? If there is a connection, it must be true that anything directly affecting a person in one of these areas, must affect all other areas as well. Therefore if one does not have balance in one component, one does not have balance in all three, and consequently does not have wellness.

  • The body is our physical aspect  It is our bodies that allow us to engage in physical activities; that give us our five physical senses; that give us our presence and our appearance; and that provide a place that acts as the host for our mind, our soul and the spirit within us. 
  • The mind is our mental/emotional aspect. Our mind processes thoughts and ideas as well as feelings and emotions.  Our mind provides us with  consciousness, intelligence, intelect, memory, and imagination.  
  • The soul is another of our non-physical aspects.  It is our personal and individuated expression of the divine or spirit.   It is that part of us that longs to have meaning and seeks answers to the great questions:   The soul is eternal and communicates in the language of creative expression. 
  • The spirit is the vital force within us. Spirit may be called God or Creator. It can also be called the Quantum field, the field, or the unmanifest. It is the indescribable organizing principle of the universe.

The body, mind and spirit are the components that, collectively, comprise and define our species. If we are sick or suffering, we must work holistically to completely heal. If we do not, we are missing the connection and in all likelihood will never reach our potential for wellness and vitality. If we do not consider the whole human being, we will most likely work to alleviate symptoms of a problem and never address the root cause.

 Meet the Team

At New Heights Wellness Center we attend to each client as a whole unique, individual person much greater than the disease, dysfunction or stress they suffer from.            Our therapists and instructors practice with intuition and full presence, using sound clinical thinking as they plan a session with the best of intention and compassion.        Real connections are formed as our friendly compassionate staff provides caring, connective touch, coaching, meditation, nutrition, aromatherapy, and exercise guidance based on the premise that real wellness encompasses the body, mind and spirit. Our staff is highly qualified in their fields of expertise and have achieved appropriate licensure and certifications to practice.

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