"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition. " Thomas Edison

Hi, I'm Jaime Bacon and I am a Nutrition Coach.  I am passionate about breaking down the barriers and teaching my clients how to understand how to fuel their bodies with healthy, delicious, nutritious food. 

Do you want to know why your diets never last? 

Do you want to change your relationship with food?

Most of us know what we need to do to lose weight, eat healthy and set health goals.  But getting there by ourselves is another story all together. 

Do you  need an easy way to set up your weight loss goals? Or maybe you just need someone to keep you accountable? Or maybe you need help to stop your emotional eating.

I believe there are 4 main pillars of weight loss:

  1. What you eat
  2. How you eat
  3. Exercise 
  4. Meal Planning

Each one supports a healthy lifestyle-and when one crumbles, the others fall soon after. You and I can discover your strengths and your weaknesses and come up with a customized plan to help you make simple lifestyle changes to improve your eating habits and help you lose weight.


Nutrition Coaching Services


Weight Loss Discovery Call: Free

Your first call is always free to determine whether nutrition coaching is right for you.  I will ask you about your overall health and biggest challenges, and what you've done so far to overcome them.

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1:1 Monthly Coaching Level 1: $75/mo.

You and I will work through your goals and how you want to accomplish them.  We will look at any potential struggles and find positive behavior changes that you can make. We will created an 8-10 week plan based on your main goal. After your initial session, you'll have one 45 minute meeting per month to assess your progress and alter/add new goals accordingly. In addition, you can opt in to have daily or weekly check-ins if you do better with someone keeping tabs on you.

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1:1 Monthly Coaching Level 2 : $149/mo.

Level 2 Coaching includes all the same accountability and coaching as level 1, but with two 45 minute meetings per month instead of one.

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Weight Loss Kickstart Program $47/group program or $97/individuals

This is a 4 week program designed to help you lose 4-10 pounds with one simple task per week.  It involves daily accountability, weekly calls/ Facebook live sessions, and worksheets designed to keep you on track and record your weight loss.

Grocery Store Tours: $50/person or $25/person if a group of 3 or more

I will meet you at a local grocery store for one hour and teach you the most  nutritious items in each area of the store, what to avoid and how to read food labels.